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Posts made in January 2020

Start 2020 With Better Air Quality For Your Family

The start of the year is a great time to do three often overlooked chores that can make a huge difference in the air inside your home. Begin by setting up your shop vac. It will be helpful with all three of these projects. If your home doesn’t have one, we highly recommend the investment. They are great for many everyday jobs, as well as for water emergencies. First, grab the step ladder and clean all the blades on your ceiling fans. Begin by shop vaccing the large dirt and dust, then finish by wiping with a damp rag. Second, while you have the step ladder out, change the heat/ac filters. When you remove the old filter, use the shop vac to clean around the vent, as well as the vent cover. Third, pull the lower plate off your vacuum cleaner. Change the belt after giving the chamber a good shop vaccing. Remove the bag and vac this area as well. Either empty or change out the bag. These simple steps will have your family starting 2020 in a healthier environment. 

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