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                                            Parker Brothers Blue Plate Special

                                             Blue Plate Special

Check this page every time you visit our site to see the latest special deals and offers on carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, and North Dallas, TX. From time to time, we offer extra incentives to our online customers to help us fill unexpected openings in our schedule. Check to see if they might work for you.

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These specials are for the specific times and dates mentioned only. They can be used for carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning. We have limited space for these specials, so if you are interested don't delay. Call or text us at (972) 377-6558 or email the Blue Plate Special form to us right away. Be sure to include your daytime phone. We will get back to you immediately. It helps us with scheduling; It can help you save money.

Blue Plate Specials for the week of  1/11 through 1/17:   

Blue Plate Specials
for the week of
      7/15 through 7/21
Wednesday  Save an extra 10% on your
 afternoon  appointment in Plano
     Thursday  Save an extra 10% on your
       morning  appointment in Frisco
2022 Nextdoor favorite award for carpet cleaning in Frisco                                      


We are getting swamped with calls for help with pet accidents!  Every year this happens when the hotter temps kick in.  Folks don't like to be outside as long when walking the pets, likewise many pets just do not like the heat.  Shorter walks mean more pet accidents indoors.  The heat can also cause dehydration, also a big cause of increased pet accidents.  Make sure your pets are getting plenty of fresh water.  Be prepared for pet accident emergencies.  You need Shout laundry pretreater, white vinegar, and terry cloth towels from the ragbag.  First blot/remove the pet accident as much as possible with paper towels.  Then rinse the area with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and cold water.  Note that vinegar is 5% citiric acid, so it makes a very efficient sanitizer.  Blot with the terry cloth.  Now thoroughly treat the area with Shout.  Let sit for a few minutes, then blot with the terry cloth.  Repeat as needed, or as stain transfer continues.  Rinse and blot a final time with the vinegar solution.  Hopefully this will save you a service call for a pet accident or two this Summer.  We are always happy to coach our customers in Frisco, Plano  as needed.  If you feel like you are outmatched, or if you are ready for regular carpet cleaning, just give us a call/text!


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