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Bulletin Board

Clear the Shelters event in Collin County

Saturday Aug. 17 is the national Clear-the-Shelters event.

Collin County Animal Services will be participating in the event,

and hope to find homes for lots of wonderful pets that day.

Parker Brothers Carpet Cleaning in Frisco, Plano

encourage everyone to come out and meet your new

best friend!  Our rescue dogs are Annie and Shadow.

They are great!

We Remember The Pride

                                                                                                                                                                                    We remember how excited and proud everyone was! Dont miss the chance to share this memory with the kids.

Avoid Summer Pet Accidents

As summer heats up for all of us, don’t forget it’s warmer for the pets as well.  When humans get dehydrated, they can get diarrhea.  Distance runners speak of getting “runner’s trots”.  We’ve been experiencing our first few weeks of summer heat and humidity.  Here at Parker Brothers Carpet Cleaning we have had a high number of emergency calls for pet accidents.  Pets get dehydrated just as we do.  Double check your pet’s water dish in hot weather.   Likewise make sure pets are not getting overheated.  These simple steps help to avoid unnecessary health problems for your pets and unnecessary charges from your carpet cleaners for you.  Have a great summer!